Our Story

At 2Tre Organics we strive to make the world a healthier place. Our mission is to make healthy, pure, nutrient-rich superfoods and products available to all and to inspire people to eat better and live longer.

Transitioning to a healthy diet and lifestyle can be difficult and frustrating, so at 2Tre Organics we are committed to bringing organic products to our customers and to setting the standard for the highest quality ingredients possible. We believe that to fulfill our mission we must stay ahead of our curve. We achieve this by sourcing the best high quality, nutrient-rich, pure products while offering exciting and interesting ways to eat healthy and nutritious easily.

Our founder, Steve Russell, knows how important a healthy diet is but how difficult the transition can be. Hypoglycemic and pre-diabetic, Steve tried a number of popular diets with limited, temporary success. The diet that finally got him off medication and allowed him to maintain a healthy lifestyle was based simply on eating a wide variety of superfoods that were high in nutrients and in their most natural raw form. Doctors and nutritional scientists are very supportive of this approach, and many books and recipes explain how to adopt this eating style for improved health, and longevity.

In 2012, Steve decided to eliminate fast food and gluten from his diet. He started to prepare healthy meals by re-introducing his West Indian cultural recipes of sticking to the basics of “natural foods in their most natural form.” He started to witness life-changing results. Steve customize these recipes and worked with friends to perfect preparation methods and nutritional value of the meals. Steve began to rediscover and understand the true value of his cultural cuisine.

A year later, Steve was no longer pre-diabetic or hypoglycemic. He believes this change in diet has helped improved his health. Steve is living proof of how influential superfoods can be for your life and well-being. As some of Steve’s friends saw these results, they began to ask if Steve could share his recipes with them as well. After seeing the incredible impact healthy eating has on peoples’ lives, Steve was driven to share it with the world, so he created 2Tre Organics – “Simply Natural