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Nutmeg with Mace

Nutmeg with Mace

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Nutmeg is known around the world as a popular spice but there is much more to nutmeg than being a favorite in the kitchen. 2Tre Organic Nutmeg with mace has a distinctive fragrance and a slightly sweet taste. Unbeknownst to many is the fact that nutmeg features a host of health benefits, making it useful for improving general health while also serving as a remedy for a number of aliments. The nutmeg seed is enclosed in a firm and fleshy shell, which when dry, is covered by red or brown veins. Nutmeg also contains an abundance of essential oils used in both the pharmaceutical and perfumery industries.

How to use Nutmeg?

The nutmeg seed is removed from its outer protective casing before being grated and generally used as a spice. Nutmeg is used to add flavor to meats, baked goods, sauces, sausages, vegetables and juices such as eggnog, cucumber and carrot juice.

Nutmeg, like all other spices and herbs, should be used in moderation as to not overpower the dish or drink with its flavor.

How to store: To maintain the freshness of 2Tre Organic Nutmeg with mace for longer shelf life, it is suggested that you store your whole nutmegs in an airtight container. Keep away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. These elements hasten the loss of flavor and aroma. Avoid storing over the stove, dishwasher, sink or near a window. It should not be stored in the freezer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Please get to know the nutmeg before you begin

I’m awaiting my Amazon order but have bought from this company before so unless it’s not fresh (in which then I call amazon and have it replaced) there shouldn’t be any issues.

First, get to know the anatomy! I read comments here of people trying to grind something that shouldn’t be ground!

Second, remove the mace blades (the colorful part) and keep it in its own spice jar (glass not plastic which is permeable) either while or grind it up.

Third, CRACK OPEN THE SHELL! OK sorry for the caps but the nutmeg meat is inside. It should fill up the whole shell and not rattle around that meat is what you grind, not the very hard shell that some have tried and then given a Negative review due to their misunderstanding.

Fourth, keep it whole until you want to use it it will stay fresher longer.

Quite a learning experience for me....

I have never ordered unprocessed nutmeg before so I didn't really know what to expect. I was not disappointed. I figured the photo was photoshoped to make it more colorful. Nope. That's the way they looked when I opened up the package. That red covering is "mace". It was not removed.

After taking the mace off I began filing the nut like I saw in a photo. After not making any progress with the file I decided to try cracking the nut and that turned out to be the key. Inside was the nutmeg "meat" ready for grating.

The package wasn't dated so I have no idea when it was picked but when grated, it smelled very fresh.

I'm very happy with my purchase and the order came very quickly.

Fresh, Large Nutmegs with Mace Cover

Excellent quality and aroma. Received 12 large, shiny, fresh whole nutmegs well packed in a plastic pocket from 2Tre. These are fine quality nutmegs not the dried out whole nutmeg (pale brown and no mace) offered by other vendors or in the local grocery store.
Planning to buy more when my pumpkin pie spice mix runs out - nutmeg featured heavily in my mix and in my Caribbean rum cake.

Raw mace!!!! Yay! Nutmeg tastylicious too.

Fantastic. I don't know where else to get raw mace. Also some people in the reviews mention staleness. I think these may have indeed sat around for a bit, but it doesn't show in any way in the ground up flavor - which is fantastic.

I'm buying more!

The outer shell keeps the nutmeg seed fresh for a long time. Highly recommended.